Bring in the Heavy Machines!

Well, the gardening year is coming to an end.

Despite the dry season it’s been a very productive year in the garden, with ample quantities of produce. The tomatoes are canned, jams have been made and the freezers are full, ready for winter. There are still a few things left to be picked, such as winter squash, leeks, brussels sprouts and parsnips. Also my main storage carrots, which I like to pull after we’ve  had a few frosts to sweeten them. The greenhouse is still producing tomatoes, red peppers and cucumbers and has been seeded with winter greens. While the salad and spinach planted outdoors at the end of August is now ready for picking.

The rest of the garden however is now full of weeds, dry corn stalks and overripe beans so it’s time to start clearing it ready for an easy start next spring. I could spend days digging it all by hand or I could take the easy option                                              – bring in the pigs!!

After just a few days they will have stripped it of all the weeds and pests , dug it over and also fertilized it for me. The final result being a garden prepared for next year and some very happy pigs. What more could a gardener ask for at the end of a busy gardening year!

The days work is done!


About Jane Fowler

We are working towards a sustainable lifestyle, homeschooling our children, growing all our own food and creating art. Join us in our journey, learning with us along the way.
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2 Responses to Bring in the Heavy Machines!

  1. Wow! I still wish you would rent those piggies out!


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