Inspired to Write

Back in 2004, I moved, with my husband and family to live in a new country, and we embraced the challenge of growing all our vegetables, managing a woodlot, keeping bees, and raising animals.

Bear River Nova Scotia

Arriving for the first time at the place we now call home.

Berkshire sow with piglets

As would be expected when embarking on a new lifestyle, I have learned so much.  I’ve felt the satisfaction of watching a sow, content with her newborn piglets, I’ve had the thrill of capturing a bee swarm, and I’ve tasted sun ripened tomatoes picked straight from the vine. I’ve made maple syrup and smoked bacon and I know the difference between spruce and pine. Heck, I’ve even killed a chicken!

There is something new to discover every day and lessons are waiting for me at every turn. I thought that friends and family may want to follow along, so with that in mind, I started blogging about our adventures.

I’ve been amazed that people are actually interested to read what I have to say. Earlier this year I was asked to write an article for Rural Delivery magazine; the Daily Grind. Since then I have written three more articles for the magazine; Rare breeds renaissance, A little light logging, and Single axle, multiple tasks.

The result of being asked to write those articles is that I feel inspired to write and I’m setting a personal goal to do so more frequently. I’ll still be blogging about the happenings here on our small farm but I’ll also be trying to expand my subjects by looking further afield, away from the farm.

I need you to hold me accountable, so please check back often to see how I’m doing and be sure to let me know what you think. Oh, and if you enjoy reading my posts, why not receive them by email? You can sign up over there on the sidebar.


About Jane Fowler

We are working towards a sustainable lifestyle, homeschooling our children, growing all our own food and creating art. Join us in our journey, learning with us along the way.
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