Kicking up a Storm

Last week we were hit by three blizzards in six days. I hunkered down in the house and used the time to sort through last year’s photos. I came across this video that I had forgotten. It made me chuckle to watch springtime piglets having so much fun amongst the trees, and I thought I would share it with you.

While I can find plenty to do during snowbound days, pigs are prone to boredom. Such was the case during Tuesday’s nor’easter when our boar managed to wrangle open the interior door of his pen and went in search of entertainment.

dscn3765After I had climbed through the barricade of hay bales strewn across the doorway, I could see that while it had been storming outdoors, there had been a storm of a different kind indoors. The cold air turned a tad bluer, as I muttered words only fit for the barn. I found mangled feed bins and chewed up tools. Fencing wire had been sculptured into a tangled pile, heat lamps broken and pitch forks flung into the far corners of the building. I can only imagine the pandemonium that must have ensued as panic-stricken hens were scattered by a 700lb pig on the rampage.

As is often the case after the event, the accused was innocently standing in his pen, the door wide open. With a sheepish look on his face, he seemed to be laying the blame firmly on the heads of his feathered companions. I dished out his supper and, after a day of snow shoveling and icy water troughs, I started to straighten the mess.

As I picked up the brooms, I couldn’t help questioning our choice of a homesteading lifestyle. Right now, that romantic image of living ‘the good life’, had taken on a tarnished look. “Oh well,” I thought, “there’s one good thing about winter. It won’t be long ’til spring.”

chicken on pigs back

The calm after the storm….waiting for spring.

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About Jane Fowler

We are working towards a sustainable lifestyle, homeschooling our children, growing all our own food and creating art. Join us in our journey, learning with us along the way.
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4 Responses to Kicking up a Storm

  1. Ah yes, a pig on the prowl. Never comes to a good end! Sorry you had double the storm cleanup to do.


  2. Oh wow…I never knew one would try to trash the place. Kind of funny, but not funny to straighten out. I love that video too. I didn’t realize piglets could gallop so fast! They look like puppies! What fun at your house. 🙂 Thanks for your blog Jane.


    • Jane Fowler says:

      I don’t think he was intentionally trashing the place he just doesn’t know his own strength or size, but he can do a lot of damage in a short time. The thick metal lid of the feed bin was the shape of a horse shoe. I also try to see the funny side of things – what else can I do?


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