A Pig in the House!

We’ve not got any piglets here this year. Reading this post from a few years ago, reminded how much fun (and extra work) baby animals are.

Blueberry Hills Farm

Probably the most risky time in a pig’s life is during the first three days after being born. During those first precarious days, the piglet is a very different animal from the tough and hardy pig that it will soon become.

day old berkshire piglet At a day old, the piglet hasn’t even ‘grown into his skin’

The ratio of a new born pig to it’s mother is 200:1 and at only a few pounds in weight, the baby piglet is in real danger of being inadvertently crushed by it’s mother. During the first few days, the baby has to learn to find it’s source of milk while at the same time stay out of mother’s way while she lies down or moves around.

DSCF7656 Our farrowing rail gives a corridor for piglets to roll into.

65% of pig deaths occur during the first three days following birth and the most common reason is from…

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