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Thriving to life a healthy lifestyle by growing our own vegetables, fruit, herbs, meat, eggs, honey and maple syrup. This section includes recipes that have become family favourites and herbal remedies that I make for our family to use.

Fallen apples and green tomatoes? Use them up in Green Tomato Chutney.

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It’s the end of the gardening season and the tomatoes are finished. Despite the wonderful fall we’re having the green tomatoes refuse to ripen. This week I gathered them up, and along with some windfall apples, made a batch of Green Tomato Chutney. Continue reading

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Gathering Rose Hips from Brier Island for a wartime recipe for Rose Hip Syrup.

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We recently spent a couple of days camping with friends on Brier Island. Earlier in the year when we visited, the wild roses were in full bloom along the sand dunes. Now, in September, the rose hips were ripe for picking.
Read my latest blog post that includes a wartime recipe for Rosehip syrup which is great for coughs and sore throats. Also Rose hip tea for a healthy boost to the immune system. Continue reading

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Taking the sting out of nettles!

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Stinging nettles may seem like an odd choice of plant to grow, but there’s more to it than it’s sting. Read the post to discover the health benefits for our bodies and our soil. Learn how to dry the leaves to make a nutritious tea. Continue reading

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5 easy recipes using garlic scapes.

Looking for some easy and great tasting recipes for using garlic scapes? Here are five of my favourites. Continue reading

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Sweet dreams are made from chamomile.

Chamomile is one of the easiest herbs to grow in your garden. It’s also incredibly simple to harvest and dry the flowers for a cup of calming chamomile tea. Continue reading

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The Flower Moon of May

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The Flower Moon of May. This months newsletter from Blueberry Hills Farm. Continue reading

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How to use the changeable weather to make maple syrup quicker.

The maple syrup season has been intermittent this year, but I’ve learned that’s not necessarily a bad thing… Continue reading

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It’s easy to grow Stevia in your own garden.

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I have tried store-bought Stevia powder in the past and found that it left a strange ‘after taste’ in the mouth, but knowing that homegrown herbs always taste far superior to store-bought, I thought home grown Stevia would be better. It is! Continue reading

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Of Cakes and Puddings

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The ritual of making christmas pudding each year has become as important for me, possibly more, than the actual eating of it. Continue reading

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Apples Galore!

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Making and canning apple sauce. Continue reading

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