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Thriving to life a healthy lifestyle by growing our own vegetables, fruit, herbs, meat, eggs, honey and maple syrup. This section includes recipes that have become family favourites and herbal remedies that I make for our family to use.

Sweet dreams are made from chamomile.

Chamomile is one of the easiest herbs to grow in your garden. It’s also incredibly simple to harvest and dry the flowers for a cup of calming chamomile tea. Continue reading

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The Flower Moon of May

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The Flower Moon of May. This months newsletter from Blueberry Hills Farm. Continue reading

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How to use the changeable weather to make maple syrup quicker.

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The maple syrup season has been intermittent this year, but I’ve learned that’s not necessarily a bad thing… Continue reading

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It’s easy to grow Stevia in your own garden.

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I have tried store-bought Stevia powder in the past and found that it left a strange ‘after taste’ in the mouth, but knowing that homegrown herbs always taste far superior to store-bought, I thought home grown Stevia would be better. It is! Continue reading

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Of Cakes and Puddings

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The ritual of making christmas pudding each year has become as important for me, possibly more, than the actual eating of it. Continue reading

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Apples Galore!

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Making and canning apple sauce. Continue reading

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Kombucha Tea

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Here in Eastern Canada we sure received a bashing this winter, from one snow storm after another. With so much snow on the ground there’s not much to be done outside. Once the animals are taken care of and the wood stove attended to, I like … Continue reading

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Why I Choose the Daily Grind.

Grains in the form of rice, corn and wheat have been important staple foods for thousands of years. Wheat is most commonly eaten as bread, in all its various forms, and it is thought that humans started baking bread at least 30,000 … Continue reading

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How to make dandelion marmalade.

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When you start trying to grow all your own food you quickly come to appreciate why it is so important for us all to eat foods seasonally. We’ve all read the reasons why we should only eat rhubarb in the … Continue reading

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Parsnips under the Snow

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Well it seems that spring may finally have arrived. The robins have returned, the bees are flying and the chickens are happily scratching in the dirt again. Today I was able to scrape away the snow and harvest the first … Continue reading

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