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When to Plant?

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Using signs from nature to know when to plant vegetables. Known as phenological gardening. Continue reading

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Is it spring? Is it winter? Using the changeable weather to make maple syrup.

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The maple syrup season has been intermittent this year, but I’ve learned that’s not necessarily a bad thing… Continue reading

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It’s easy to grow Stevia in your own garden.

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I have tried store-bought Stevia powder in the past and found that it left a strange ‘after taste’ in the mouth, but knowing that homegrown herbs always taste far superior to store-bought, I thought home grown Stevia would be better. It is! Continue reading

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Let Sleeping Pigs Lie.

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Learning to live with the four seasons is an integral part of homesteading and it takes a few years to know the dance and nuances of each season. Spring, summer, and fall are the busy months, while winter allows a … Continue reading

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A Son with a Different Name.

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Read more about the unconditional love that our Silver Laced Wyandotte hen has for her Rhode Island Red chick. Continue reading

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It’s Cold Out There!

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I’ve been expecting him. He’s been knocking at the door for a few weeks now, watching for someone to forget the latch. Well someone left the gate open and he came bowling in! Continue reading

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Why I Choose the Daily Grind.

Grains in the form of rice, corn and wheat have been important staple foods for thousands of years. Wheat is most commonly eaten as bread, in all its various forms, and it is thought that humans started baking bread at least 30,000 … Continue reading

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A Bee’s First Flight

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If I was to ask you to imagine a garden of honey bees, you would probably conjure up images of brightly coloured flowers such as Poppies, Sunflowers and Asters. You would probably feel the warmth of a sunny, breezeless summer day … Continue reading

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Parsnips under the Snow

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Well it seems that spring may finally have arrived. The robins have returned, the bees are flying and the chickens are happily scratching in the dirt again. Today I was able to scrape away the snow and harvest the first … Continue reading

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Singing Pigs

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At first glance it may appear that the farm is in full winter hibernation. The gardens are dormant, the honey bees are silent and the chickens spend their days hiding in the barn. The only outward sign of life, are … Continue reading

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