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Bee Prepared

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Helping honeybees survive a cold Canadian winter. Continue reading

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Fallen apples and green tomatoes? Use them up in Green Tomato Chutney.

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It’s the end of the gardening season and the tomatoes are finished. Despite the wonderful fall we’re having the green tomatoes refuse to ripen. This week I gathered them up, and along with some windfall apples, made a batch of Green Tomato Chutney. Continue reading

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How to use the changeable weather to make maple syrup quicker.

The maple syrup season has been intermittent this year, but I’ve learned that’s not necessarily a bad thing… Continue reading

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Inspired to Write

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Back in 2004, I moved, with my husband and family to live in a new country, and we embraced the challenge of growing all our vegetables, managing a woodlot, keeping bees, and raising animals. As would be expected when embarking … Continue reading

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How to make dandelion marmalade.

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When you start trying to grow all your own food you quickly come to appreciate why it is so important for us all to eat foods seasonally. We’ve all read the reasons why we should only eat rhubarb in the … Continue reading

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A Bee’s First Flight

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If I was to ask you to imagine a garden of honey bees, you would probably conjure up images of brightly coloured flowers such as Poppies, Sunflowers and Asters. You would probably feel the warmth of a sunny, breezeless summer day … Continue reading

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Parsnips under the Snow

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Well it seems that spring may finally have arrived. The robins have returned, the bees are flying and the chickens are happily scratching in the dirt again. Today I was able to scrape away the snow and harvest the first … Continue reading

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Singing Pigs

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At first glance it may appear that the farm is in full winter hibernation. The gardens are dormant, the honey bees are silent and the chickens spend their days hiding in the barn. The only outward sign of life, are … Continue reading

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Eggs and Lemons Spells Lemon Curd

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It’s been an odd sort of winter here so far with lots of fluctuations in temperatures.  We’ve had a few weeks of cold, crisp sunny days with lots of snowfall in between, which I love. But last week was not … Continue reading

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I’ve been very quiet!

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Well it’s 2014 and I realize that I have been very quiet and I’ve neglected to update you all with all the happenings here on the farm. Rest assured that while I may have been quiet I was still very … Continue reading

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