On the Tall Ship trail to Digby

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As the seasons change, there’s always something different to see, hiking the old railway bed into Digby. This week we even saw some Tall Ships! Continue reading

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The drying days of summer.

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It’s a busy time of year for gardeners with a bounty of vegetables to be picked, but don’t forget the herbs! Dry some now for enjoying through the winter. Continue reading

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It’s not too late to plant; here are 7 vegetables you can plant in August.

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It’s summer, and gardeners are dealing with a cornucopia of fruit and veggies, but don’t forget to plant a few seeds to extend the season. Here’s a list of 7 seeds to plant in August for harvesting in the fall. Continue reading

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It’s Garlic Time!

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It’s tricky business, knowing when to harvest garlic, Read my post about when and how to lift garlic and cure it for winter storage. Continue reading

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A Pig in the House!

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Originally posted on Blueberry Hills Farm:
Probably the most risky time in a pig’s life is during the first three days after being born. During those first precarious days, the piglet is a very different animal from the tough and…

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Taking the sting out of nettles!

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Stinging nettles may seem like an odd choice of plant to grow, but there’s more to it than it’s sting. Read the post to discover the health benefits for our bodies and our soil. Learn how to dry the leaves to make a nutritious tea. Continue reading

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The Full Buck Moon – Newsletter No 3.

The full moon of July is sometimes called Thunder Moon because of the frequent thunderstorms this month. Certainly, after a hot, humid day, I enjoy a good thunderstorm to freshen the air and bring relief from the heat. The rain is also appreciated, to give a break from the constant watering of the garden at this time of year.
Another name for the July moon is Buck Moon since July is normally the month when the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur.


Deer are welcome in the woods but this one is starting to come a bit too close to my vegetable garden!

Continue reading

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5 easy recipes using garlic scapes.

It’s June and suddenly there’s an abundance of garlic scapes in country kitchens needing to be used. “What are garlic scapes?” you ask.

As the days grow warmer, garlic bulbs planted in the fall, start to send up spiralling flower stems. These green, curly stalks are known as scapes and need to be snipped off in order to prevent the plant from blooming and sucking energy from the precious garlic bulb below.Garlic scapes

As you would expect, they taste garlicky, but with a fresher, ‘greener’ taste. They’re a great garlic stand-in, arriving just in time to save me from despair when the last of my winter storage garlic runs out and the new crop is not yet ready. Sounds good, but what is a person supposed to do with all these garlic scapes? Continue reading

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Sweet dreams are made from chamomile.

German chamomile flowersIf you’ve ever drunk herbal teas, chamomile is likely to be one of the first varieties that you tried, with its fruity, apple-like flavour. A member of the daisy family, chamomile is best known for it’s soothing, sleep-inducing properties.  Continue reading

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Whales, fishing boats, ferries, folk art and other gems. All in my own ‘neck’ of the woods.

It rained on Friday… a lot, the thunder was loud and the wind howled. Saturday morning, however, was perfect. It was sunny and calm, with a freshness in the air that was, as I said earlier, just perfect.

The birds were chirpy, and I was happy to see that we have barn swallows building a nest in the rafters. I could watch them for hours as they flit around catching bugs in the air; cheering them on as they scoop up black flies and mosquitoes for breakfast.

Barn swallow building nest

Barn swallow gathering nesting material.

Did I mention, the weather was perfect? We decided to head out for the day. Digby Neck and the smell of the sea breeze was calling, or was it the promise of Sissiboo coffee and home-baked cookies at the Digby Neck Collective yard sale? Either way, we took Hwy 217 down the ‘Neck. Not the most inspiring of names, but what the name lacks, is more than compensated for by the scenic drive that takes you through picturesque fishing villages and offers glimpses of rocky bays and sandy beaches. Continue reading

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